Bluehost Web Hosting Review 2024

This is no more the era of technology. This is more like an era that runs on the internet. We have an alteration of everything we have offline, online. Stores, showrooms, galleries, and what not. We have a web version of everything up and running on the internet.

You need a good web hosting that can host the website if you want it to stay online properly. Choosing a good web hosting provider is critical as the visitor’s experience on your website majorly depends on how well the web hosting servers are performing. They should be fast and quick to the requests made by the visitor’s browser.

In Bluehost web hosting review article we will take a look at everything that Bluehost has to offer in a customer perspective and we will be reviewing it so that you can see how good they actually are and what options they provide.

Services offered by Bluehost

Bluehost has been in the web hosting business for a long time and they have been pivoting the type of products they provide. Currently, when it comes to hosting,  Also, to know about Bluehost in a better way, you can ride through our comparison between HostGator Vs BlueHost that will tell you the best option for your requirements. Bluehost provides hosting in four categories.

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

Let us talk about all these categories one by one.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the type of hosting that is provided to many customers who share the same hardware and IP. One server is responsible for hosting many websites at once and you cannot use much of the resources as it is used by many other websites at once. You can host static pages, PHP pages, you can use the MySQL capabilities of the server and what not.

Shared Hosting is a perfect choice that you can use to host a normal website that doesn’t have much traffic and doesn’t need many resources.

The plans start from $3.49 and they go up to $13.95 a month.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress as a CMS is developed by Automattic and it is one of the most used content management systems used to run websites and blogs around the world. WordPress Hosting by Bluehost is an optimized hosting service that provides a better WordPress site performance.

Bluehost claims to have built the WordPress hosting using their VPS technology and they have made ample changes to provide an environment in which a WordPress website can perform at best!

The plans start at $12.49 for the first month and the plans can go up to $85 for the first month.

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VPS Hosting

When your website gains more visitors or users, you will need more resources and space for your website to use. VPS is the perfect way to go in these situations.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Using virtualization and partitioning system resources, hosting companies provide VPS servers that are virtually all your own and you can use the full allotted system resources for yourself.

The VPS plans by Bluehost seem quite good to be honest. The plans start from $14.99 for the most basic VPS plan and you get 2 CPU cores, 30 GB storage, 2 GB RAM, 1 TB bandwidth along with a dedicated IP address.

The plans start from $14.99 and they go up to $59.99 for the most advanced plan that comes with 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM and 240 GB storage.

Dedicated Hosting

As the name suggests, Dedicated stands for a whole server all to yourself. You can rent a whole dedicated server from Bluehost and you can use it to host your website, your apps or something else.

These dedicated servers come in different configurations and the most basic one comes with 4 x 2.5 Ghz CPU, 1 TB storage, 4 GB RAM, and you get a bandwidth of 5 TB along with three IP addresses. You can get this plan for $74.99 which is better than many plans I have seen from other hosting providers. The plans go up to $124.99 and you get a better server with better specifications.

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How is Bluehost Support?

A company is not only defined by the products but its support as well.

When it comes to Bluehost support, I had some great experiences. They have various support choices which include live chat, telephonic support, a ticket system as well as a huge knowledge base that you can use to solve problems on your own if you want to.

The team is quite responsive and helpful and they make sure you are satisfied with the solutions provided to you and then only are the tickets closed.

Reliability and Uptime

Bluehost has been in the web hosting business since a long time and when it comes to uptime, they claim to provide an uptime of 99.9% guaranteed. But to be honest, the technical errors that might come up may take more time. Though Bluehost claims that they solve most technical problems within 15 minutes, there can be situations where this time may extend a bit.

Ease of Use/Control Panel Interface

Bluehost provides a cPanel control panel which makes it very easy to manage your hosting account as you have every option related to hosting under one single roof. Options like DNS settings, file manager, adding more domains, managing security and other things are made very easy in cPanel.

You will be able to edit codes in the File manager and you can also install scripts like WordPress, Joomla and many others using Softaculous which is built-in inside cPanel and it makes it easy else you have to install scripts manually which can be a tough task for many.

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Pros and Cons of Bluehost Web Hosting


  • Price: You get one of the best web hosting available for as low as $3.95.
  • Support: Bluehost has one of the best support systems in which users can get their problems and issues resolved in much less time.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Bluehost gives a 30-day full refund guarantee in which you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with their service.
  • Bonus marketing material: You get ad credits that you can use on various networks like Google, Facebook etc. to promote the website or content you are producing.
  • Uptime: The best thing about Bluehost is the uptime they provide with their servers. They guarantee an uptime of 99%.


  • CPU Usage is limited: You can just use the 10% of the CPU usage and after that you will be alerted and if you still continue to use the site, your site will be taken down.
  • Ticket response time: The ticket response time for issues is sometimes very slow due to the number of tickets they have to solve and reply to.
  • Website migration charge: Bluehost charges $99.9 for a website migration if you request them. Other web hosting companies do it for free!
  • No Windows Server: Currently Bluehost only has a fleet of Linux-only servers and if you are looking for making Windows-based apps or site to work, then tough luck.
  • Only 1 set of DNS: When it comes to DNS, Bluehost only has 1 set of DNS and hence DNS fetching can be slow sometimes.

Bluehost Web Hosting Review: Verdict

Now, coming to the verdict, Bluehost is one of the most experienced web hosting companies in the world and they have been hosting various different websites and I did some research before going through their service and I only found good reviews. Some exceptions were there but then no person or company is perfect, right?

In my personal experience, I liked Bluehost very much and I can say they are actually far better than many other web hosting companies that I have tried. I am planning to stick with them and host some of my websites there and I will see what experience I get and hopefully it will be good as they have everything that a good web hosting company should.

9 Total Score
Bluehost Hosting

Get your website started with a powerful web hosting service provider. Best for WordPress website startup.

Web Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
  • Powerful Web Hosting Service
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Limited Usage of CPU
  • Website Migration Charge
  • 1 Set of DNS
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