Bluehost Vs. HostGator Web Hosting Services

HostGator and Bluehost are sister companies. Still they are rivals of each other. Both web hosting providers offer best web hosting at cheapest price with awesome features. Being sister companies acquired by Endurance International Group, they share some features with each other which were recently acquired by EIG. This creates confusion between bloggers and webmasters.

We did a brief comparative review of these web hosting service providers. This review is based on some common points which are very important to consider while buying web hosting packages. We can assure you, this comparative review of both web hosting service providers will help you in deciding best suitable hosting for your blog/website.

Comparative Review of HostGator Vs. Bluehost

Plans and Pricing

HostGator offers three different plans named as Hatchling plan, Baby plan and Business plan. Hatchling plan is very basic hosting plan which is designed for complete newbies. You get unlimited Disk space and bandwidth. This plan will cost you $5.56 per month. There are various reasons to choose Hostgator hosting that makes it one of the reliable and best hosting service provider.

Baby plan is mediocre shared hosting plan from HostGator. You’ll get unlimited disk space, host unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth. It will cost you $7.96 per month.

The last one is the Business plan. This plan is designed for business websites. Just like other hosting plans from HostGator, you’ll get everything unlimited with this plan. It is priced at $11.59 per month.

Bluehost offers some affordable shared hosting plans and one of the best Hostgator web hosting alternatives. The STANDARD plan is the basic and most popular plan from Bluehost. Just like hosting plans of HostGator, you get everything unlimited except domains. You can host only 1 domain on the STANDARD plan of Bluehost. This plan is priced for $3.49 per month.

Another shared hosting plan from Bluehost is the PRO plan. It is an advance plan for serious webmasters and bloggers. You can host as many domains you want on this plan. PRO plan will cost you $6.49 per month.

Customer Support

Customer support is the important factor to be considered before buying a hosting service. HostGator and Bluehost are sister companies but their customer service is very different. HostGator and Bluehost offer 24/7 online customer support via Email, live chat, phone and Twitter. But HostGator customer service waiting time is very long. If you are facing some serious problem with their hosting, you have to wait for 15-20 minutes after calling.  While HostGator takes this much time for responding, Bluehost customer support is very fast. Their estimated waiting time is only 3-5 minutes. Also, with knowledgeable support, your problems will be solved within minutes. Both web hosts have knowledgeable customer support executives, but Bluehost wins this race because of fast response time.

Uptime Guarantee

HostGator and Bluehost are part of EIG, so they share Web servers with each other. Both web hosting providers claim to have 99.99% uptime. Bluehost and Hostgator are amongst the top WordPress hosting providers. We tested both web hosting services and asked its existing customers, according to reviews for existing customers, HostGator customers experience more downtimes than Bluehost customers. Bluehost customers have almost 99.94% uptime excluding scheduled server maintenance downtime it is very good uptime rate for a web hosting service. Web hosting service. After the acquisition of HostGator from Endurance International Group, HostGator had frequent downtime than Bluehost due to the acquisition. Bluehost users were more fortunate for not facing any downtime while this acquisition.

Bluehost Vs. HostGator: The Final Verdict

HostGator and Bluehost are best and popular web hosting service providers. Also, we have included both hosting providers in our list of best hosting service for startups. Both offer same hosting plans with little different in pricing. Both hosting providers are affordable and reliable companies. You’ll get Unlimited Disk space, Bandwidth with both companies hosting plans. Both companies offer you a free .COM domain with every hosting plan. But if we look at customer reviews of HostGator and Bluehost, we can conclude that Bluehost is better than HostGator. Bluehost has better server architecture with CPU Throttling feature which is patented by Bluehost. With CPU throttling, you’ll get better Server uptime and lowest website loading time.

So, we must say that Bluehost wins these comparative review HostGator is also a good web hosting provider, but Bluehost provides better server uptime and affordable hosting packages. We hope this comparative review will help you to pick best web hosting for your websites and blogs.