Drupal on Bluehost Web Hosting – Analyzing the Pair

Bluehost being one of the most prominent web hosting services in the industry needs no introduction when it comes to the case of bloggers and web-based professionals. There are a number of factors that attract professionals to BIG number of web-hosting services offered by the mentioned web host, especially considering the pricing plans and as a convenient user interface that makes sense in the long run. In this post, however, we would like to discuss about one truly impressive and recommended combination — Drupal and Bluehost. We’d like to skip introduction to Bluehost, as we expect you to be thoroughly common with the name and services offered by the web host. So, we’ll start this article with an introduction to Drupal.

Drupal — Knowing the Basics

In simple words, we can call Drupal an Open Source Content Management Systemthat is used to build and manage 2% or more websites in World Wide Web. The CMS has been built using PHP and it is available under GPL, also known as GNU License. When compared to normal websites and blogs, it seems that Drupal is far more popular when it comes to the case of political sites, personal blogs and government sites, as opposed to WordPress that is nowadays used in almost every instance where there is a need of a website. There are a number of features that make Drupal bit more productive than WordPress and other Content Management Systems. For instance, Drupal can be used to build wide variety of sites such as an internet forum or community site, apart from commonly popular forms of blogs and sites! If you have a web server that has support for PHP — then, it does not matter whether you have Apache, IIS, Nginx or something else —, you can set up Drupal in it and start creating blogs or websites, quite easily. So, all these said, it is enough to have an introduction to Drupal we think.

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Combining Bluehost and Drupal — One of the Best Pairs

Although you might be able to find a number of web hosts that offer support for Drupal CMS, Bluehost is probably a superb choice as far as you are concerned about reputation and thus reliability of the web host you are to depend! If we are to find examples for the effectiveness of Bluehost hosting as a Drupal host, we can count its resource delivery method that never wants your site or blog to slow down. Obviously, this never-slow-down policy of Bluehost Drupal hosting will impress you, as it has been proven that the number of customers and conversions depends upon speed and usability of your website or blog, regardless the niche or purpose of it. Now, we will check out those exclusive and effective features of Bluehost that will help you go smooth with Drupal CMS. Also, you can use Bluehost as one of the best Hostgator alternatives if you find Hostgator not fulfilling your requirements.

Why Bluehost is a Good Companion for Drupal

If you check out community sites of Drupal, it can be seen that many of the professionals prefer Bluehost when they are supposed to choose a sense-making web-hosting provider for the website or blog they want to build. To keep all the things simpler, particularly the installation and other stuff, Bluehost has an integrated Simple Script that wants to consume only a few seconds and clicks to finish installation of the CMS. And, apart from the community pages, you’d be able to see Bluehost in the list of officially-recommended web-hosting provider list of Drupal. Talking about other features of Bluehost hosting, we will have to mention its fully-fledged infrastructure that includes three data centres, exclusive technical support for Drupal customers, servers that are made and maintained by Bluehost itself, etc. So, in terms of technical specifications and features, Bluehost is indeed a great companion for your upcoming / existing site that runs on Drupal CMS.

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Well, we have discussed about the features of Bluehost, as to be the best web host for Drupal, but there’s more! For instance, we can see that Bluehost has s lower rates for Drupal web hosting when compared to other web hosts that offer Drupal Hosting. If you are ready to purchase the basic plan of Bluehost hosting by paying $3.95, you can have a number of features:

For instance, you get an option to register a free domain, unlimited disk space, etc. And, when it comes to upgrading, Bluehost will have the most appropriate plan for you, be assured! Also, it has to be noted that installation of Drupal can be done in a few seconds, thanks to the SimpleScripts offered by Bluehost.

Altogether, Bluehost proves to be an effective companion for Drupal CMS! What do you think, by the way?