Pagely Vs WP Engine Hosting Services – Who is the Best Host?

WordPress is the most preferred platform when it comes to creating a blog or a website. And having a WordPress managed to host is like a treat to your website. Right from security to maintenance, every aspect concerning your WordPress site is totally handled by your managed hosting. And two names that rule the managed hosting industry are Pagely and WP Engine. Both have carved a niche for themselves over the years and have been offering reliable service. But when it comes down to the battle between Pagely vs WP Engine, it takes a great deal of research and comparison to conclude which is the best host.


Founded in the year 2006, Pagely is the only WordPress host which has its entire platform built on Amazon web services. They give a good speed and server response time of 255 ms. they offer an uptime of 99% throughout.

On the other hand, WP Engine overthrows its opponent by giving an unbeatable speed and 100% uptime. They are backed with robust data centers and so they are never faced with server down issues. This super speed is made possible by their in-house caching mechanism Evercache that speeds up the caching process and reduces the server load and thus offering a server response time of as low as 140ms.

In speed, clearly, WP Engine has an upper hand over Pagely.

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Pagely does a fabulous job in giving some of the amazing features. They take care of all the security with a product called PRESSARMOR which keeps your WordPress platform totally protected and they haven’t encountered any security-related issues to date. They provide regular virus scans and firewalls to scan the traffic. You also get secured FTP and SSH access that enables full proof protection. They have a site staging area to test your site and detect bugs and help in designing your site. They also provide fully secure and easy file access which is available only in their higher plans and SFTP is offered in their lower plans.

WP Engine, on the other hand, offers a vast variety of features. All the security concerns are well-taken care of by daily backups which are done via one-click backup and restore and regular virus scans. On top of that, they fix your site for free in case your site gets hacked. They also come with complete development based features such as dedicated IP, 3rd party SSL, Integrated CDN (Content Delivery Network), WordPress multisite, GeoIP, LargeFS which enable you to connect with Amazon S3 bucket to manage large files and Staging Sites, a feature where you can detect bugs, test and redesign your site. The maintenance work is totally handled by the WP Engine team needing you to be absolutely worry-free. Plus WP Engine gives a 60 days money-back guarantee which is something not offered by Pagely at all.

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Plans and Pricing

Pagely offers a variety of plans for its customers. Their personal plan starts at $24 per month allowing only one domain to host and 5 GB of storage area and bandwidth. The business starts at $64 per month allowing you to host three sites and 10 GB of bandwidth and storage space. The professional plan costs $149 per month with 10 sites to host giving you 20 GB of storage space and 25 GB of bandwidth. The Ultimate plan starts at $269 giving 20 sites to host with 30 GB of storage space and 50 GB of bandwidth. The VPS plan offers four options letting you host up to 60 sites. All these plans include global CDN and automatic WP upgrades.

WP Engine has various customized hosting plans that are designed according to user requirements. Their basic personal plan starting at $29 monthly gives only one site installs and 10 GB of local storage space with unlimited data transfer. The professional plan costs you $99 monthly with 10 WordPress sites to host, 20 GB of local storage space. The business plan costs you $249 monthly for supporting 25 WordPress sites with 30 GB of local storage space. The premium plan supports 150 installs with 100 – 300 GB of local storage space and managing more than 1million visit count per month. And the enterprise plan offers you 400 GB -1 TB of local storage space with more than four million visits per month.

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Customer Support

Going by the record, WP Engine has an edge over Pagely for offering flawless customer service. They are backed by hardcore WordPress professionals who cater to customer issues effectively leaving no chance for complaints. They offer 24/7 support via telephone, Live Chat, and Zen ticket.

While Pagely offers only Live Chat and ticket support.

Pagely vs WP Engine – Who is the Best host

We needn’t say more as the facts say it all. WP Engine is clearly the winner. They are the best WordPress managed to host providers for their unbeatable speed, variety of features, and unparalleled performance. Though there is not much difference in their price WP Engine rules it with their performance.