Want to Know More About Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated Web Hosting is also called a dedicated Web server. It is defined as an individual client/user using an entire server. The particular user uses server resources like RAM, Bandwidth, storage, etc. In this hosting files of the website are easy to maintain & update. It takes a client full control of the server so, they can manually configure features that fulfill needs. If you have a big website & want to keep it secure then you should use this hosting because due to a single user connected to the server chance of viruses entering is very low. Two forms managed hosting & unmanaged hosting. Peoples also use web Hosting for Startup companies to increase profits.

Managed Web Hosting: In Manage Web Hosting service provider handles administration, software installation, storage upgrades, etc. So, the client just takes care of the business & other things managed by the service provider.

Unmanaged Web Hosting: It just provides users a hosting platform without giving any additional features. So, the website security, backup data, hardware maintenance, etc issues become the responsibility of the client to manage.

Advantages of Dedicated Web Hosting:

  • Full Security: Only one dedicated user connects to the server & maintains the files of a website. Due to this, the system becomes virus free.
  •  Better Performance: The load time of pages work faster & provide better performance.
  •  Control on Server: Due to a single connection client can install additional software or programs in sever without any problem.

The Disadvantage of Dedicated Web Hosting:

  • Costly: As compared to shared web hosting this is costly because it provides functionalities as well as the best performance.
  • Hard to Manage: Its service provider doesn’t maintain admin & management. All it was done by the client.

Comparison of Shared & Dedicated Web Hosting

Comparsion between shared and dedicated web hosting?

Here are the Comparison of Web hosting between shared and dedicated :

Shared Dedicated
No. of users using a single serverOnly one user using an entire server
Unable to install additional software or programsAble to install additional software or programs
The speed of the website getting slower due to multiple connectionsBetter speed performance provide due to a single connection.
Low costHigh cost
The service provider manages the website administrationThe service provider doesn’t manage the website all done by the client itself. It service provider manages but it takes money for that.
No Maintenance is required.It requires maintenance
Low bandwidthHigh bandwidth
Resources of a server are shared between user or clientNo Resources are shared
Less securityMore security
Limited Storage spaceUnlimited Storage space
Maximum chance to get blacklistedMinimal chance to get blacklisted

More Features of Dedicated Web Hosting

  • It gives a dedicated IP address
  • the server due to this the website keeps secure from penalties.
  • It provides an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to the website.
  • This encrypts the data transfer between user and server.
  • They give a dedicated control panel which easy to use & performs several operations.
  • It has 24×7 hours of technical support. In which all errors have been fixed quickly.

·The selection of an Operating System depends upon the user so, it chooses various OS like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc

What is the Need for Dedicated Web Hosting?

  • Enhanced security help to keep the website safe from viruses.
  • It optimizes the load time of web pages & increases speed.
  • It help to increase traffic.
  • ·Help to maintain the authority of the website.

What is the difference between Dedicated & Cloud Hosting

What is the difference between dedicated and cloud web hosting?

Difference between Dedicated and Cloud Web Servers mentioned below:

Dedicated Web HostingCloud Web Hosting
It requires knowledge to manage high-level resourcesIt doesn’t require knowledge of all work handled by the service provider
ExpensiveLess Expensive
The user has full control of the server where it can add features according to need.The user does not have full control of a server
It has a single serverIt has multiple servers
Superior level of SecurityLow security as compared to dedicated hosting
Customization site fullyNo full customization option available
Need high payment to provide more toolsIt provides many tools at a low cost

How can you set up a Dedicated Web Hosting Server?

How can you setup a dedicated web hosting server?

If you want to set up well in which all machines work properly. Just follow mentioned steps:

  • Select Server: Choose suitable capabilities such as storage space, RAM, and bandwidth according to machines.
  • Select Management: Management is divided into categories of basic management & complete management. In basic management technical support, configuration updates, installation of
  • software, etc. However complete management includes backup data, firewall, SSL websites, etc.
  • Select Operating System: Selection of the operating system depends upon the user. Many OS is available like Linux, Windows, Mac, etc according to the system.
  • Login to the Server: Use the password & username login to the server. After that update & upload your website files on sever happened.


This Web Hosting is good overall but it is costly. If you want to run the website securely. Due to the use of SSL(Secure socket layer), all the data that transfer between user & server get encrypted. So, no third party can read & misuse data. The data include all personal information like name, mail, DOB, image, etc. It has a physical server that includes hardware & software then, choose it according to needs. It is configured according to user needs. To maintain a reputation for a website to web hosting use is necessary because it gives full security, high performance, easy configuration, etc. Also, they offer large storage, bandwidth, RAM, etc. Hence, it is expensive but good for usage. During updating of files of the website, it provides Cpanel with clear interaction of features. Then, the user works gets easy as compared to the rest of web hosting like shared, cloud, and VPS hosting. On the website they want regular updation of pages, it might be the case then, that extra software like the plugin is needed for adding extra features. So, only can do this task because they provide full control of a server.

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