Why to Choose WP Engine for WordPress Hosting?

When it’s time to set up a WordPress blog or website, most users prefer to go with shared web hosting, which is one of the nice choices you can make. However, that having said, there are a few times you should seek an advanced sort of option — well, say, dedicated WordPress hosting. This choice would be awesome if you want to get the most out of your WordPress site or blog, using the widely-used and impressive CMS. In the list of solutions you can choose, it’s sure that you would find WP Engine for WordPress hosting is a widely popular hosting provider.

WP Engine — Overview

Founded in 2010, WP Engine has more than five years’ experience in serving professionals with optimal webspace to set up their websites and blogs. The best part is that WP Engine offers both the basic and high-end servers to meet a set of various requirements you’d have in the long run. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has data centers distributed in various parts of the globe, such as the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The web host is often praised for the uncompromised quality of offered service as well as the better support you get in the end. Of course, you get a lot of features with WP Engine Hosting, for that matter.

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Features of WP Engine

Of course, there are more than a few factors that distinguish WP Engine from the other web hosts out there. Some notable ones are:

The foremost feature we loved is the scalable architecture the company offers. Since the web host puts the main focus on WordPress, you are going to have a suitable web space, which can be scaled according to your needs. In case, if you find more visitors rushing to the site you can expand the bandwidth and other sorts of technical requirements — it’s as simple as that. Also migrating a WordPress site to WP Engine is as easy as pressing few buttons.

WP Engine tries its best to secure your WordPress sites, in the best possible manner. In that way, when you are all set to create an E-Commerce site or so, you will be able to rely upon WP Engine for WordPress hosting, we bet. Indeed, this is an awesome factor we found.

Expert Support also keeps WP Engine different from other web hosts out there! You can not only get doubts cleared but also, you can receive useful suggestions from experienced ones.

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Plans and Pricing

Apart from the Enterprise plan, there are three different WP Engine Hosting plans you get, offering different levels of server specifications. The first plan, available for $29 per month, lets you install one WordPress site and offers 10 GB of storage space. On the other hand, if we go to the Professional plan, the monthly rate is $99 and you get 20GB file storage along with unlimited data transfers. The third plan is named Business and can handle up to 400000 visits per month, offering 30 GB storage and up to 25 WordPress installations. And, as we said, there’s a fully-fledged section for Enterprise.

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Benefits and Why to Choose

Of course, there are a lot of benefits of going dedicated to your WordPress site or blog. That is why find it awesome to choose WP Engine for WordPress hosting, given that you’re ready to pay a bit more. And, talking of the price, we don’t find it way too high. On the other hand, you get enough features for the amount you pay, such as the possibly best security, better support, etc. in addition to these, we can count in the opinion of many WP Engine users, who do still prefer WP Engine to many of the so-called WordPress hosting experts out there.

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WP Engine For WordPress Hosting: The Final Verdict

So, we’ve shown you enough reasons why it makes sense to choose WP Engine for WordPress hosting, thus avoiding many of the seemingly good but actually bottlenecked solutions out there. So, what do you think?