Which WordPress Hosting Service is Better for Startup?

To decide which hosting is better, it is essential to first know about WordPress hosting. Let us begin with answering what is WordPress hosting. A WordPress hosting is a dedicated service where


  1. WP Engine

  2. Bluehost

  3. HostGator

WP Engine

We pick the most popular and preferred WordPress hosting service and discuss it in detail. WP Engine stands out from others in the league with its super speed, flawless customer support, and out-of-the-box performance. If you are looking for personal use or for taking your business to a new level, WP Engine serves you the best. Right from small-scale to large-scale businesses, they have specially designed plans that cater to all kinds of customer needs effectively.

Brief history and Overview of WP Engine Hosting

The company has come a long way since its establishment in 2010. It was founded by Mr. Jason Cohen and is the primary stakeholder of the company. He envisioned the need for a hassle-free, managed environment for WordPress which would dedicate focus on providing absolute operational performance for WordPress sites and apps only. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA, it has expanded its employee strength to over 300 with data centers situated in United States, United Kingdom and Japan to give you a freedom of universal content delivery.

While serving to millions of customers worldwide to host their WordPress powered blog and sites and assisting them whenever the need arises, it is rated high in almost all of the review websites for providing best WordPress hosting service. It has even extended their service to companies like HTC, SoundCloud, Asana and New Relic. This makes it the most preferred WordPress hosting service.

Features of WP Engine Hosting

WP Engine comes with a variety of features that not only makes your task-handling easy but also gives you a great customer satisfaction. We list out some of the key features that WP Engine provides.

Flawless Customer Service

No company can withstand for long if they are not backed with an efficient and hardworking team that constantly puts in their best efforts to ensure minimal customer complaints and improved response time to serve the customers. They give you three modes of communication-Live Chat, ticketing and Tele-calling support. While the first two modes is available in all the plans, 24*7 telephone support is not available in the basic plan.


WP Engine takes care of the concerns pertaining to protection against any kind of malicious attacks on your WordPress site. With daily and regular security scan for viruses and malware and automated backups, you no longer need to be worried about security. If in the case of any such event occurs where in your site gets hacked, they get it fixed for free of charge. these major features that us why to choose WP Engine for WordPress hosting.

Advanced options

You get advanced features such as dedicated IP, 3rd party SSL, Integrated CDN (Content Delivery Network), WordPress multisite, GeoIP, LargeFS (enable you to connect with Amazon S3 bucket to manage large files) and Staging Sites, a feature where you can detect bugs, test and redesign your site without obstructing the normal functioning. Though some of these features are not available in the most basic plan but you get all when you go with higher plans. Nevertheless, you get the best hosting services for WordPress.

Highly Scalable Architecture

WP Engine comes with in-built caching technology, EverCache for massive scalability and super speed. Their caching mechanism also reduces the server load. Serving static content from back end can be a slow process so they serve this content from the front-end system so that it can accumulate high amount of traffic. And you can anytime switch to the higher plans for more traffic according to your need. Besides these features, one should be aware of the pros and cons of WP Engine to make a wiser decision before purchasing a hosting service.

Plans and Prices

WP Engine comes with specially designed plans that focus on every corner of the customer requirements. They have you covered with their thorough market approach to serving what suits you the best.

Starting with the most basic plan, the personal plan costs $29 monthly and supports only one WordPress site installs. It provides 10 GB of local storage space with unlimited data transfer. However, for an annual subscription, you need to pay only $290 while getting two months usage free. It manages up to 25,000 visits per month. This one suits for personal use such as blogging. You also get options for installing CDN (Content Delivery Network) and various other additional add-ons but on a bit extra price.

The professional plan costs you $99 monthly letting you host 10 WordPress sites with this package. It provides 20 GB of local storage space with also unlimited data transfer. And on an annual subscription, you need to pay only $990. It manages up to 100,000 visits per month. The package also offers you with 3rd party SSL, CDN and 24*7 telephone support and option for installing dedicated IP address if needed.

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The business plan needs you to pay $249 monthly while supporting 25 WordPress sites, providing 30 GB of local storage space and unlimited data transfer. But only pay $2490 for an annual subscription. It manages up to 400,000 visits per month. You get additional features such as 3rd party SSL, dedicated IP, 24*7 telephone support, CDN, WordPress multi-site and WP Engine Geo IP absolutely free with this package. The package also includes Staging Sites and LargeFS features. Best suitable for small scale to large scale business.

Other than these, they have two more plans- premium and enterprise-grade, both offering up to 150 installs and unlimited data transfer. While the premium plan offers you 100-300 GB of local storage space and managing more than one million visit count per month, the enterprise plan offers you 400 GB-1 TB of local storage space with more than four million visits per month. Both get 3rd part SSL, GeoIP enabled and a dedicated environment where you can configure the server as per your needs. But for these plans, you need to contact WP Engine.

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Even though the costs are a bit more than what the other WordPress hosting service providers do, you can bring down the pricing value with the special discount coupons that are available. And you get the best deal for your money.

Comparison with Bluehost and HostGator

We now take a look at how WP Engine stands in front of its other two competitors namely HostGator and Bluehost in serving with the best WordPress website hosting services.

WP Engine is a bit more expensive as its basic personal plan starts at $29 per month while that of HostGator and Bluehost is $4.86 and $3.49 per month respectively. The server response time for WP Engine is 200 ms and that of HostGator and Bluehost is 190 ms and 290 ms respectively. WP Engine beats the other two in its up-time that records the perfect score of 100% most of the time while HostGator and Bluehost lag behind at 99.9% and 99.75% respectively. The user control panel for WP Engine is simple, easy to use and WordPress focused which is way better than the control panel offered by HostGator and Bluehost which can be confusing for a beginner.

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When it comes to choosing the best hosting service for WordPress, the main factors to look out for are speed, security, and better support and WP Engine emerges as a clear winner for providing the best technical support and unparalleled security service. The WordPress-focused approach is optimized to give super-fast speed to both small customers and business enterprises alike. That gives it an edge over another website hosting services.

And that answers our question-Which WordPress Hosting service is better for a startup-It is undoubtedly WP Engine!!