WP Engine Review

Well, if you have thought of going for a professional take in terms of web hosting for your WordPress-powered blogs or sites, you will have heard people talking about WP Engine! WP Engine is a well-established web hosting company that has focused its attention on providing managed, dedicated and trustworthy hosting packages for sites that run on WordPress. Here, we are going to have a brief yet covering-all overview of WP Engine. This WP Engine Review will let you know its various aspects, as a hosting provider. So, shall we start?

About WP Engine Hosting

WP Engine, quite established in its area, was founded back in 2010 and for five years, it’s been helping various kinds of professionals to host their WordPress-powered blog or site, quite safely. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA, it’s having more than 300 employees to serve its customers and we should say the employees have been able to get the best things out of their effort. Talking of data centers, WP Engine has a few in the United Kingdom, United States as well as Japan, giving you the freedom of universal content delivery, especially when combined with the in-built CDN.

WP Engine Review

So, we believe WP Engine has a strong level of expertise in serving the WordPress-powered site, at least since WordPress established itself as a major CMS and blogging platform. Also, the number of data centers is promising. In addition to these, WP Engine has provided its service for a variety of popular brands such as HTC, New Relic, Soundcloud, AMD, and Asana. In short, the background of WP Engine Hosting makes enough sense.

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Features of WP Engine Hosting

Regardless of whether you are making use of WP Engine Hosting coupons or not, you’re going to have the following set of features when you purchase web hosting servers from WP Engine. There is plenty of features but we’re listing only the prominent ones.

Scalable Architecture

As we said earlier, WP Engine is focusing on managed WordPress hosting for both beginners and professionals. Since it expects a variety of customers to be driven in, WP Engine has a scalable approach towards the server configuration and related stuff. For instance, if you find yourself struggling with the current server configuration or resource allocation, you can upgrade to a higher plan, as per your requirements.

Impressive Customer Support

Whether you want to migrate WordPress website to WP engine or need any technical assistance, experts from the WP engine are always there to help you. If you ask the customers of WP Engine, they would just be excited to talk about how good its customer support is! In total, WP Engine offers three modes of support — Live Chat, Ticketing, and Phone call-based support. While the first two modes are available in all plans of WP Engine, the 24*7 Phone-based customer support is available only from its Business plan. Talking of the quality, people say the quality of response and time took is good-to-go.

Advanced and Development-based Options

These features may not be present in the most basic plan of WP Engine Hosting, but as you move forward to further plans of WP Engine, you are going to get a variety of features. For instance, there’s an option to connect the Amazon S3 account for managing large files, an integrated CDN that ensures the best delivery speed in various parts of the globe, an option to enable dedicated IP, GeoIP support, and some analysis-based features, for that matter. In short, you’d get a lot.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WP Engine Hosting

Here we have mentioned some of the major pros and cons of Wp Engine hosting that one can face while hosting their websites. Have a look.


  • Impressive customer support through various methods
  • No bandwidth limit
  • Daily, regular backups of data
  • Staging options and advanced features like Evercache and in-built CDN
  • Option for using coupon codes to get discounts


  • The server environment is shared even in the professional and business plans
  • They’ve some awkward conventions about counting visitors and related stuff
  • Limited storage options and allocation of monthly visits

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WP Engine Pricing

Now, we shall have a look at the pricing plans of WP Engine, from the basic user’s point of view! As we told you earlier, WP Engine is specialized in managed WordPress hosting and its plans are, of course, expensive than common hosting packages you might come across. So, we shall check out the main plans and their pricing range now.

Personal Plan: First, WP Engine has a Personal plan that costs $29 per month. By the way, if you use the WP Engine coupon, you can cut down the price; at least while purchasing the package on an annual basis. Talking of the plan, you can install only one WordPress site under the package and the hosting environment is shared. It offers a local storage space of 10GB and you get Live Chat support as well. Other options include Staging, an Option for connecting Amazon S3, etc. It can manage up to 25000 visits per month.

WP Enginge WordPress Host

Professional Plan: Professional plan of WP Engine can manage up to 100000 visitors per month and the amount you have to pay every month is $99! Of course, the power of WP Engine discount codes may be there in final billing, but you need to pay at around that rate. Here, you can have up to 10 WordPress installations and storage space is 20GB, for that matter. In addition to Ticket support, there’s Live Chat support as well. Another important factor about the Professional plan of WP Engine is that you get a free CDN Subscription, which would work smoothly with the server environment. Also, it gives WordPress Multisite support, 24*7 Phone support, an option for installing third-party SSL, and an option to set up one dedicated IP address if you needed it.

Business Plan: The third one in the section is the Business plan of WP Engine hosting which costs $249 per month. Aimed at the small or medium business firms out there, this plan lets you install up to 25 WordPress sites under the package and almost everything should work fine in the long run. It offers a storage space of 30GB and there are different kinds of support systems such as ticketing, live chat, and phone support. You get plenty of features such as Staging, LargeFS, support for Multisite, GeoIP support, etc.

WP Engine Plans

Premium and Enterprise Plans:  There are two plans left — Premium and Enterprise. These plans run in a dedicated environment and it is possible to configure the server as per your need. To purchase these, you would have to contact WP Engine. So, it is all about WP Engine hosting pricing and of course, you have WP Engine coupon codes to help you bring down the monetary stuff.

Wp Engine Pricing Plans

WP Engine Review: Verdict

So, bringing all these things to a single bowl, WP Engine Hosting is best suited for companies and individuals who do need top-in-class hosting features and are ready to pay a bit more. Talking of the pricing, it’s expensive but you have the option to use an effective WP Engine coupon code to get things lower. So, altogether, keeping aside the kinds of limitations in storage and all, we would say WP Engine WordPress hosting is something worth going for. We hope this WP Engine review helped you to choose.

8.5 Total Score
Wp Engine Hosting

Get started your blog website with WordPress and other blogging platforms. Wp Engine offers you the power and affordability too.

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