WP Engine Vs InMotion Hosting – Which Service to Use?

It is a sure fact that both WP Engine and InMotion Hosting do not need an introduction when we’re talking to a web-based professional such as bloggers or internet marketers or webmasters. Both the firms have been able to attract a huge amount of customers into it, through high-quality service and uncompromised support in the long run.

That’s why there exists confusion when professionals have to choose one from the WP Engine vs. InMotion duo. There are a lot of factors to be considered. In this post, we have a brief enough comparison of hosting by WP Engine and InMotion.

WP Engine Vs InMotion – About the Company

It has not been that long since WP Engine started its ventures — the firm was launched in 2010, by Jason Cohen! It has been, from the very start, optimized for WordPress-powered websites and blogs. Thus, the services provided are specifically tailored for the best WordPress-running environment. That having said you have the option to choose the most appropriate server environment for your site or blog; let that be shared, dedicated or virtual. Depending on the plan you choose, you have a different amount of resources.

InMotion Hosting had its inception back in 2001, which is long before the thought of WP Engine rose. However, the thing is different when it comes to the case of available options. As you would see, there are shared, dedicated, VPS server options available, and almost all web-based platforms – including WordPress – would work fine on the server. It’s a lot of things to be talked about.

The Server Speeds

Obviously, you would be much concerned about the server speed and performance when you are supposed to select one from the duo. That having said, the comparison may not be quite scientific because WP Engine is offering a server for WordPress-powered blogs and sites, which has a good thing for specialization and optimization. Because of this, it is a fact that websites hosted on WP Engine load quickly when compared to those hosted on InMotion. So, if you’d like to host a WordPress-powered site, WP Engine is going to be fine and would give the best possible speed.

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In comparison in terms of security, WP Engine has a higher position than InMotion Hosting. Talking of security that is offered by WP Engine, there is enterprise-level security, which has also been optimized for the best protection of the sites hosted on WordPress. So, from the security point of view, you can choose WP Engine, pretty much blindly. It is also having a daily scanning function, which can take care of all the malicious stuff that may be on your site. So, there is a win situation for WP Engine, once again.

Customer Support

In this aspect, WP Engine has let us down, since the company is offering limited options of customer support. Talking of its support, you get telephonic support that is active from 9 AM to 6 PM every day. That having said this support is also limited in terms of availability: if you stick on to Personal and Professional plans, you won’t get support.

The things are different as we consider the case of InMotion Hosting, which is offering different modes of technical support for customers. It doesn’t matter at which time you contact; the support is available through email, live chat, and phone calls. So, if you are sure that you need in-detail support from the web host, you can go with InMotion.

The Affordability Factor in WP Engine Vs. InMotion Duo

Of course, cheapness cannot ever be compared with quality. So, if you tend to select one web hosting provider just because it is offering the cheapest web hosting plans, it’s the worst decision you’d ever take as a professional. So, if you are to claim that InMotion is much cheaper than WP Engine, we’d have to talk about the dedicated behavior of the services you get from WP Engine. So, we have a kind of a tie right here.

WP Engine Vs InMotion Hosting – Summing Up

The choice between WP Engine and InMotion depends upon your requirement. If you want to have the best, secure, and high-performance for your WordPress-powered blog or site, you can blindly choose WP Engine. There, it is possible to get an enhanced working environment for your site. On the other hand, when you need the standard-level hosting options, you should choose InMotion Hosting, where you also get better support and scalability. And, it also has some cheaper plans.