HostGator Vs BlueHost – Best Comparison Between Top Web Hosting Providers

Are you looking for a web hosting service for your site? Here are the top well-known web hosting providers i.e. HostGator and BlueHost for you. As there are many minor dissimilarities are available between both. But the major which we have to know about are price and features. Bluehost and HostGator provide nearly similar features but Bluehost is expensive and HostGator is affordable accordingly. You can also use Bluehost Promo Codes and Hostgator Discount Codes to make them more economical for you.

Let’s find the depth strengths and weaknesses of both the hosting companies and find out which web hosting is best and why:

Best Web Hosting For Small Business

Every user needs affordability, quality, and fully-featured service for creating a small business website. These services including domain, business emails, SSL certification, unmetered bandwidth, and Cpanel, etc. Although all these ingredients are basically provided by both Bluehost and Hostgator web hosting companies. But If you compare both you will find that Bluehost charges less as compared to Hostgator. Hostgator requires separate purchases for all these ingredients and results in higher annual costs.

Server Speed And Response Time

If you look at the results of both companies in speed and response time. You will find both are robust in nature and provide 99.9% uptime speed guaranteed. So in speed, the performance for both web hosting providers is nearly the same. The ranking is up and down by a fraction of seconds only.

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Best Comparison Between Top Web Hosting Providers

Cheap Web Hosting Service

By considering the basic plan for both hosting providers per month. You will find that Hostgator is cheaper than Bluehost.

Hostgator                                                         Bluehost

Basic Plan                                         $2.75/mon(For 3 years)                                $2.95/mon(For 3 years)

Domain Cost                                    Free 1 year(Included Conditions* )             Included 1 year free

Cost Of SSL Encryption                 Free                                                                   Free

SiteLock Monitoring                      $2.08/mon                                                       $1.99/mon

Site backup                                      $2.00/mon(Daily)                                           $2.99/mon(Weakly)

SEO Tools                                          $2.95/mon                                                       $1.99/mon

Money-Back Guarantee                45-Days                                                                           $30-Days

The basic plan per yearly costs for both are as follow:

Hostgator                                                         Bluehost

Basic Plan                                         $5.95/year                                                       $4.95/year

Here all these prices are for shared web hosting packages. They also offer VPS, Cloud, dedicated and other range of hosting packages. After the promotional period expires, both web hosting brands needed renewal. The renewal costs for both brands per month are as follow:

                                                            Hostgator                                                         Bluehost

Renewal Cost                                   $6.95/mon                                                       $7.99/mon

Now, if you consider all these original certified costs per year or month. You will find that Hostgator provides cheap web hosting services.

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Domain Names Registration

For creating and growing a professional website every user needs a domain name with a web hosting package. Bluehost and Hostgator both web hosting companies also provide a free domain name ( for one year. After the promotional period, the renewal price of a domain name (.com) for Hostgator and Bluehost are as follows:

Hostgator                                                         Bluehost

Renewal Cost                                   $17.99/year                                                     $17.99/year

Domain Privacy Protection costs an additional as below:

Hostgator                                                         Bluehost

Renewal Cost                                   $14.95/year                                                     $14.88/year

Privacy protection means protecting your identity online. Domain Privacy Protection helps you by hiding your personal contact information from the public.

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Customer Support Services

The essential part while taking a decision of purchasing a perfect web hosting plan is customer support. It’s the major needed thing in web hosting. If your server goes down due to some technical or physical issue, your first preference is to call or talk with customer support. But only calling customer support can solve your problem? No, the vital part is that will your customer support be available for you when you need them? Will the expert team be available for you 24/7 to help you?

Let’s make clear that the web hosting company you will choose will always be available for your help or not?

If you think to purchase Hostgator or Bluehost web hosting for you then read it carefully.

Although there is no doubt that both companies provide you the 24/7/365-days customer support service. But some users give fake reviews due to their personal issues with their hosting company. These reviews also matter a lot to you. But according to the collected information about both the companies. The conclusion outs that Hostgator and Bluehost provide the well-supportive service to their customers through Phone, Live chat, and email support.

Hostgator Vs Bluehost Customer Support Service


There is no conclusion between both hosting companies. They both provide almost identical services. The vital things that matter a lot for all customers i.e. affordability and good service were discussed above. Now it’s your choice which company you prefer for yourself. If you find both companies are not affordable for you. you can also use Bluehost or Hostgator Discount Code to make your purchase inexpensive. Good luck with your choice.